Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mom's Easter Pie (Pizzagaine)

 1 Lb Ricotta cheese
 3 eggs and another for the egg wash
 1/4 Lb Provolone - Sharp
 1/4 Lb Mozzarella
 4 Tbs Grated Parmesan cheese 
 1/4 Lb Prosciutto
 1/4 Lb salami
 1/4 Lb Mortadella

Cut all the meats & cheeses into cube size pieces, and put in a large bowl add grated Parmesan  and mix well, fold in the eggs and mix well again..    Fold in the ricotta and mix together.

Preheat the oven at 350F

Making Dough:  If you do not have time, frozen deep piecrusts are fine and Pillsbury pie crusts to make you strips across the top.

In a large bowl, or mixer, add the flour, salt , butter that has been cut into cubes.    Flour  should be mixed into butter. Add the eggs  mix well add eggs, and milk, 1/4  or more if needed,  until you have a firm dough.

Butter and flour  9" springform pan or a pan that would be of equal size.
Cut about a  1/3 of the dough and set it to one side
Roll dough in a thin pie circle, place it into pan so the it covers over the pan border, add your filling and spread to make an even topping.  Cut the extra dough from around the pan border.  With your leftover dough roll it thin and with a ravioli of pizza cutter, cut strips to make a crisscross pattern over the top of the pie.  Wet wash the strips with egg and bake for about 1hour 20 minutes, until it has a golden color.  Watch it for the last 20 minutes so that it achieves the color.

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